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The Highlights



I have over 20 years' experience in a marketing role, with the last few years focused on implementing brand strategies for brick-and-mortar retail and digital platforms. I am a collaborator focused on delivering results. I have been responsible for all aspects of marketing for my clients, from pre-production development of campaigns through post-production and execution of deliverables.  In between, I've conducted market research and surveys of customers and competitors, designed all marketing collateral, maintained all social media accounts, worked with national sales teams and retailers to ensure adherence of brand guidelines, and basically jumped in wherever I was needed to ensure the growth of the brand.


Remember when you had to do the "All About Me" project in grade school? You  glued a few pictures of things that “represented” you on poster board and your teacher would hang it on the wall outside the room?

This picture is my poster board. Snippets of things that represent my personal life and personality.

Here are the highlights:

  • I volunteered at the Humane Society of Missouri, walking dogs (Best. Time. Ever.) until I had to pause to take care of our dog Lucy who was diagnosed with cancer

  • I enjoy running (really, I do!)

  • I have a great husband and three awesome sons

  • I look forward to reading

  • I'm into gardening

  • The Beatles are amazing

  • The Monkees are my happy place

  • Lucille Ball makes me laugh

  • Our pup's full name was Lucille McGillicuddy Huegerich aka Lucy, Lou, Lulu, and sometime Lucifer. Sadly, she unexpectedly passed away from cancer at age 5 in April, 2022. In August, we adopted a puppy named Henry.

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